Craft of the Month: 

Jacob's Ladder 
Here are instructions for how to make one of the oldest toys in Existence!

My aim in putting all these crafts on-line is to have a good collection of activities which are easy enough for children to do and fun enough for parents to do with them! There are few more enjoyable ways of passing an afternoon, than making something. Beginning a crafty project still makes me feel excited, and when I was younger, if I was feeling in a 'crafty' mood, it was simply agony not to make something.  

Most of these crafts are traditional, and have been made for hundreds of years, others I have chosen simply because I remember what fun I had playing with them or making them when I was little. Some of them are easy enough for the smallest hands to do, others are quite tricky, and are sure to be enjoyed by older children or their parents; but all of them, I hope, make a finished item which enhances the house they are in. If you have any problem understanding the instructions, or if you have any craft suggestions please don't hesitate to contact me, I would love to hear from you.    - Wendy -

Here are all the Crafts in this section, click on the picture or name to see the instructions:

Paper Crafts

Special Occasions

Dolls and Toys


crane.jpg (2828 bytes)
Paper Crane


marzipan.jpg (18626 bytes)
Marzipan Snowman & Father Christmas

gnome_4.gif (10029 bytes)
Little Felt Man
scrunchie.jpg (62102 bytes)
Hair Scrunchie
dove.jpg (16061 bytes)
Paper Dove
Advent Calendar mice.jpg (3169 bytes)
Felt Mice

Cross stitch Embroideries
color basket72.jpg (31948 bytes)
Woven Paper Basket
wpe15.jpg (14869 bytes)
Christmas Garland

Teasel Hedgehog


kazoo.1.jpg (6290 bytes)

box_finished.gif (1426 bytes)
Paper Box

 Paper Games:

gingerbread house finished.jpg (24687 bytes)
Gingerbread House

Paper Dolls (with colour-in clothes):

whistle colour.jpg (18700 bytes)
Willow whistle
colour kite.jpg (30144 bytes)
Paper Kite
candle.jpg (3147 bytes)



annette.jpg (4325 bytes)
PDF for Annette
Here are full instructions of how to knit.

How to cast on - How to knit (plain) - How to knit (purl) - How to cast off

colour_big.jpg (57906 bytes)
Fortune Teller
robin.jpg (3777 bytes)
PDF for Robin
photo_lotus.jpg (16063 bytes)
Rag Rug

Paper Banger
chick.jpg (2648 bytes)
Knitted Easter Chick
patsy.jpg (4800 bytes)
PDF for Patsy

Wooden Spoons
snake_finished.gif (1419 bytes)
Paper Snake
marzipan_bunnies.jpg (16222 bytes)
Marzipan Hares
Chris Goldman.jpg (106086 bytes)
PDF for Chris
cork boat2.jpg (6269 bytes)
Cork Boats
plane72.jpg (26627 bytes)
Paper Plane
marzipan_ducklings.jpg (6331 bytes)
Marzipan Ducklings
doll_diag2.gif (1020 bytes)
Cutting Out and Standing up the Paper Dolls
Acting Special!

robin hood.gif (13426 bytes)
Robin Hood Hat and Bow and Arrow

chatterbox.jpg (21308 bytes)
The PDF for Patsy and Chris include their first set of colour-in clothes, and so does the PDF for Annette and Robin.

Click here for the PDF of Chris and Patsy's fancy dress and party clothes

Click here for Halloween clothes for the whole family

beard.jpg (22904 bytes)
False Beard
shadow puppets.jpg (20335 bytes)
Shadow Puppet Theatre

Click here for detailed instructions and diagrams for:
How to cast on - How to knit (plain) - How to knit (purl) - How to cast off
These are pdf files (190kb) and you will need Acrobat Reader to be able to read them. 

  All these craft projects appear in the Freedom in Education Magazine, which my family and I produce, you can click on the link to read about it.