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Welcome to  the cooking section of the Jamboree. All the recipes are written either by me (Bethan) or by my brother and sister, Samuel and Wendy. We've tried to make them as easy and simple as possible, and I hope you enjoy cooking them as much as we enjoyed testing them out!  Happy Cooking

HAPPY EASTER !  Spring is here, and this year Easter is at the beginning of April. Easter biscuits and Hot Cross Buns are traditional British recipe swhich are featured on this site, and I hope you enjoy trying out this month's new recipes as well. 
 love Bethan


Hazelnut Biscuits Nocciollette
These are probably some of the nicest biscuits you will ever taste. They use hazelnuts and honey, and are originally from Italy

Coriander Chutney
This delicious fresh chutney should be eaten immediately with curry and chapattis. 
It is from India, and is very easy to make, as it involves 
no cooking.

Starters and Side Dishes

Nezert Pasty

Cakes Biscuits and Cookies
Easter Biscuits

Hot Cross Buns